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Applicant Information Management System

AIMS is committed to strengthening connections between the enterprises and their clients. To bring our customers high values, the Development & Research team focuses on our product quality and user experience. AIMS keeps moving on aiming at customers’ aims.

AIMS: Projects

The Only Customized Solution Provider

AIMS, a management system customized for the industry of overseas users, was initiated and developed by a team of intelligent professionals. It is not only a system that can support focusing on managerial emphasis and figuring out challenging issues, but also a tool that can bring along high management capability and productivity.

Specialized Brand Image Build-up

AIMS can meet the personalized needs of different customers, through various ways but not limited to customizing departments and positions in the enterprise and generating modules applied in client or project management.

High Work Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

AIMS provides a two-way communication platform where both the enterprises and their clients can easily update and track the case progress. The clients can clearly see the whole procedure of the project while the enterprises can always get the latest status of their clients. AIMS reduces mutual communication cost and improves communication efficiency.

Collaborative Work and Hierarchical Management

AIMS implements both functions of the top-down work distribution and bottom-up authority approval. With the information linked and exchanged among the project stages, either projects or detailed tasks can be allocated directionally and individual responsibilities can be well indicated. AIMS prevents any carelessness or negligence in work from the root and ensures instant monitoring of the project process by the management.

Easy Time Management with Personal Assistant

AIMS helps each user reasonably arrange their tasks and working time by the automatic reminder of recent activities or any crucial issues to handle in order of priority at each user login.

Valuable Subscription Mode

AIMS is the first in the industry that can be obtained through subscription, by which the enterprises can apply the newest functions or get the fastest support at the earliest time. AIMS allows purchase on demand, which means the enterprises have the initiative to use the system according to their own growth, so that they can better adapt to the changing market and keep up with the industrial trends.

Free and Safe Cloud Storage

AIMS is the industry pioneer to provide cloud storage service free of charge to all the subscribers. With the AIMS cloud, all the precious data is like locking in the safe with no risk of damage or loss.

Wide Access Anytime and Anywhere

AIMS makes the working environment unlimitedly extended worldwide, as it is suitable for either PC or mobile access, supports all mobile browsers, and can be adapted to various types of terminals.


How often are new features added to AIMS?

We are continually improving to ensure that AIMS remains as the most innovative cloud-based customer management system in the industry. Feel free to give us any feedback or suggestion.

How can I get my data?

If you still use our service, you can export data into Excel, CSV, and PDF files. OR if you have cancelled your plan, we can export your data into Excel file for you within 30 days since your cancellation.

Can I unsubscribe the service?

Yes, you can unsubscribe your service whenever you want. If you are paying annually, we will refund you the remaining days. And there is no cancellation fee.

What shall I do if I have no idea how to use the certain feature?

We will provide you with the user manual before the system launch. Our customer service can respond to you within 2 working days for any application or technical issues. New features will be implemented with a guide in advance.


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